Monday Musing with J.K. Rowling Vol 2

She succeeded the eight time, And was declared an Inspiration, But until the unsuccessful seventh, She was just a forgotten name. With an undying spirit, Never to give up! This is a tribute to J.K. Rowling's on 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. During the earlier stages of life, she had to... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wisdom Vol 1.1

Sometimes it takes days, months and years to realize one simple mistake or idea, while we are busy judging and elevating opinion and people.It requires a simple pause to understand simpler yet meaningful things in life. A caged heart fears rise, While an exempted one risks them all, Neither are at fault.

Happy Sunday Vol 1.1

Sundays are not just another day, It's where the date or the month Seems not as important as the day Have a happy Sunday!

Monday Musings Vol 1.1

Sometimes it becomes difficult to be who we are and we get carried away with all the negativities around. It's time to take a deep breathe, pause and shift our attention to the privileges we have.Who knows that one minute pause can dust the rust piling up for years.

Musings #6

Words lose their meaning, Emotions turn into mockery, Questioning their existence. A puppet to the stroke of time. Memories fade away, Peeping into the reality, With smiles and cheers. It's about understanding, It's indeed called 'Growing up!'

Musings #5

They say, you can never be sure of anything in life, But one thing is certain that time fills all your gaps. Though new gaps keep forming And all we lack is patience.

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