Unheard voices

We live in our own world, Speaker to deaf audience, Listener to busy friends. Then who is listening to us ? Who is my audience ? You need not speak to be heard, You need not listen to reply, Your audience is the inner child And listener to the inner voice. You need no sympathy,... Continue Reading →

Another Definition

Beauty is self acceptance, Believing in the creation. Loving it's ubiquitous presence, Admiring the natural affair. Beauty is perception, Climbing the ladder of self belief. How you smile at the glaring mirror, Not how others want you to be . Beauty is appreciation, Accepting the present. Embracing the imperfection, Amidst the desire for perfection. Beauty... Continue Reading →

It’s not just a ‘Festival’

Gone are the days When balloons and splashes, With cousins and friends were celebrated events. When smeared faces & coloured balloon hits, Were Mark of victory. When the last attack of colours, Were resisted with joy and dissatisfaction, For having to wait until next year. The traces of colours were left behind, Our faces dyed... Continue Reading →

A circle

I drew a circle around me Not to restrict my wings! But to adore the beauty of my presence. To feel the warmth of my love, To embrace the mirth of my laughter. To celebrate the joy of finding myself. To limit the buzz of people around me Gossips, misunderstandings, Judgments all unkind. To rise... Continue Reading →

The Present

When everything goes by affected yet unaffected, When you set everything loose, Into the clutches of reality. To grasp you yet set you free. Where nothing seems important yet considered worthwhile. Where all is stagnant waiting for a ripple to start, Or just a restoration of peace. It's all set to nowhere, Amidst nowhere. It's... Continue Reading →

Lost and Found

Are we a community? Are we a race, are we a minority? Sure,it doesn't matter, When our talent speaks for us, When our identity is in our hands. Having numbers is not diversity, It's about embracing the diversity, Celebrating people with people, Planting seeds of inclusion, With a vision to reinvent and rise. Each one... Continue Reading →

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