Decoding Shakespeare @3 am

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.”

This quote from William Shakespeare seemed like an anecdote to every heartache, failure, emotional incompetence. It seemed so enthralling that it lingered in my mind for long.Enlightened by a thought, I realized all is but a myth. The theater actors, after all are aware of the script and know it’s not their story.So how can one expect a common being like me to pretend to know everything? When the unknown brings more uncertainty and restlessness.

It’s easier to think that each one of us in the universe is here to play their part from birth to death.We are merely players because no one lives forever but plays his or her part and departs.Life is surely a circle and each part leaves behind its own traces.By the poem, Shakespeare demonstrates the seven stages of life.Each being different is like a theater actor playing its role in the ‘stage’ called ‘life’.

There is something that still leaves me intrigued.How can one play their life parts like an actor, not getting attached, knowing it won’t last long? I urge to give me the script, of my life I repeat and I shall overwhelm thee all. Wouldn’t it be enthralling knowing the events that are going to take place in future? We would be more prepared to act/defend/ignore. Life would be much simpler.Some would defend saying it might be monotonous.To that, I can only say everything has its positive and negative.Since I haven’t experienced such a situation I would not mind being on the positive side’.

Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed are personal where it is just an attempt to give another side of the phrase “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”.The purpose is not to contradict what William Shakespeare in the Poem stated.

I would love to hear your interpretations of the phrase.
“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” or anything you would like to share.Let your imaginations flow.
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  1. “Each being different is like a theater actor playing its role in the stage called ‘life’.We are merely players because no one lives forever but plays his or her part and departs.” — True. Great reflection Snigdha. cheers.

  2. And the stage is so beautiful that the plot was set for you to come up with this thought! 🙂

    It was all part of the play! 🙂 may be.

    Like that being said, at different phase, the line makes a different sense!

  3. I like to focus on the interactions of people in the world. The small moments that cause remarkable change to our path – things that are so difficult to imagine or predict.

    Every time we leave our homes, it’s like we are on a stage. We never truly know who is watching us, who we inspire or who we impact. Yet, when we are home, it’s like we are behind the curtain, preparing for our next big show.

    Just my thoughts and interpretations 🙂

  4. A year ago if I had read this post, I would have agreed with the Shakespeare’s line. I used to believe that being an actor means wearing a mask! Different masks for different situations and that’s how we play the part, although without any fixed script.

    With a year of getting old, I am realizing that not all can be happy being actors! How much can you pretend being something else that you are not? How much can a mask let you act without

    1. … without any script?

      I think some can just be audience instead of actors. One can be an audience to his own act!! I know it is hard to explain, I might elaborate on it on my blog, but it is kind of observing your self and others through out the act that you go through impromptu without the script.

      1. Agreed, great point. I think even the audience is an actor playing its part. Audiences are part of the play, They co-exist and cannot be considered individually. Yes surely we can be audience to our own act where we can judge our actions and be detached from our emotions. In that way we get a clear picture of life.Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. An interesting interpretation! But don’t we have different interpretations for all situations and statements? Don’t we have varied opinions on same topic or misfortunes that life throws at us? Isn’t it healthier to have freedom of thought and soar further?

    Life teaches as we steer through its turbulences and when we are not able to understand certain enigmas, we speak such philosophical thoughts, which are always open to analysis…at times we do feel like actors! Life is what we make it, simpler or complex are merely the words coined by mankind. Hypocrisy is our own choice.

    Thank you for nudging me out here Snigdha, I liked your thought-provoking reflections. 🙂

    1. Thanks for expressing your views.Glad you liked it 🙂 I totally agree with your views, we should have different interpretations to situations. It makes us more aware and gives us wings to explore newer avenues. It gives us courage and will to chose our directions <3

  6. That’s a wonderful thought. If we think of our life as just a stage play, we wont worry about our future. This makes us stay in the same position, same character till the end. We need to change and we should be what we want to be. We are the author of our life, not a role player!!

  7. The topic really resonates with everyone on this world since its a fact wherein all need to step on this stage of LIFE, play there role and depart. Great words put together by a legend William Shakespeare and you also beautifully put forth your thoughts.

    Great, keep writing and keep inspiring 🙂


  8. I believe we all have a role, whether it be on stage or in the audience. We should plan our roles carefully because our role at this moment and each moment thereafter will not repeat itself. We don’t need to be actors to play our role but we should be authentic.

    Thank you for the follow.

  9. Living is the toughest thing to do in this world, you will face too many difficulties while going through still some people love it and others hate it. Just keep moving ahead when you are stuck and believe me you will get stuck now and then. Wonderful post Snigdha .. keep them coming.

  10. I have a very different interpretation. ‘All the world is a stage’ means we as human beings have access to the different areas of the planet, it means travel and expand your horizons. ‘And all the men and women merely players’ means as creatures with free will we can play any role and become who we desire to be. And we should play our role as honestly as possible before the curtains come down. 😉

    1. Hi Vashti, thanks for sharing your views. Yes we surely have access to different areas of plants but is that what actually concerns/pacifies us. Isn’t the feeling of performing as theater actors restricts and liberates at the same time. Having said so I totally agree that we should perform our part as honestly as possible before the curtains come down. Glad to have different perspective to it 🙂

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